Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

Immigration reform and jobs programs

My plan for prosperity seeks to create jobs by utilizing our natural gas supply to save our citizens money. With 65 million homes in this country, and 100 million cars and trucks parked at those homes, the potential workers required could be huge.

We have oil field workers idle, due to a glut of world oil. They can go back to work drilling for natural gas, as soon as we have a domestic market for this fuel. This fuel, attractively priced at .80 cents currently, will still be a bargain at $1.25, which corresponds to a wholesale price of $4 per million btu, an increase of 40% from today and a level at which gas production again becomes profitable. The .80 and the $1.25 both contain a natural gas tax of .25 per gge, payable solely to the national debt, and a nickel for roads and bridges.

With gasoline now back over $2, these prices are attractive. I believe that free market forces will create demand for conversions, and home based compressors. Factories will be needed, and workers. Gas men to install compressors, and mechanics to convert our existing fleets will be needed. Some of these jobs will be filled by illegal aliens. They are already here. They are an integral part of our society. They are working in the shadows for lesser wages than they could command in a free market. They in turn hold down wages for native born workers. As those marginally employed move into better jobs, the chronically unemployed will be able to find work. As all workers find work, business will pay more for workers, obviating the call for a minimum wage increase.

The illegal alien broke the law to come here. He must pay a price for this crime. I propose that he pay a fine of 10% of income for 10 years. I propose that this fine be paid on his 1040 tax return. I propose that he receive a double deduction for the previous year donation.He will also pay all taxes due as a matter of course. I finally propose that his 1040 become his green card, that he present it to authorities and show that he has paid, and is earning the right to stay. I finally propose that at the end of the 10 years, he be eligible for a path to citizenship.

Children born on US soil are entitled to citizenship. Children who are not must be naturalized. While my plan will allow minors the right to remain in our country with their legally residing parent, they must earn citizenship. I propose that this plan be available for them also. Whether spouses filing jointly will be conferred citizenship will be an additional issue needing resolution by Congress. A four year term of military service will also confer citizenship. Congress will determine whether the term alone is adequate, or if they must pay the 10%. My plan will waive the 10%.

I have stated that these people are already integral to society. They build our homes, mow our lawns, serve our meals. They surround us, and we them. I vehemently oppose deporting them all. I will have no part in separating families, leaving childcare to an already vastly overworked CPS. The current influx are fleeing anarchy in Central America and Mexico. They seek the safety provided under our Constitution, where Rule of Law is supreme. We will not turn our backs. It is incumbent on us to remain that shining city on the hill, providing an example, a template, for those nations less fortunate to implement.

We would be well served to provide assistance to those forces for democracy. I would make loans available to governments that reform to enable their own growth, providing training for a professional police force, for a judicial system, for home grown entrepreneurs to make available consumer goods, and to pay workers a living wage so that they can benefit from the fruit of their labor. These loans could originate in the Debt Fund. Payment of these loans will pay more of our national debt.