The Koch Brothers and Economic Uncertainty

In defense of the Koch brothers, a variety of wealthy people write that they want an impartial Washington, one that spends wisely, regulates little, and advances no winners. They point out that we are in the slowest recovery in 50 years.

What they fail to note is that speculators among the wealthy, including unregulated big banks, hedge funds and corporate players, plus day traders have been responsible for repeatedly stalling the recovery. Each time they inflate the price of gasoline to $3.75 and diesel to near $5.00, the economy falters as our countrymen slow their spending, creating layoffs. Continue reading

The Ukraine crisis threatens to spiral out of control

The Ukraine crisis threatens to spiral out of control. Each peace effort fails, as Russia fears loss of control of her border lands will again result in invasion, or loss of access to one of her few seaports.

Past attacks were blunted by laying waste to her own motherland to stretch supply lines for her aggressors. Crude, but effective against Napolean and Hitler. After WWII, Stalin created a double buffer, first of the Warsaw Pact, then by the SSR’s, including Ukraine and Belarus, and the Baltic States. All are now lost. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have joined NATO, though challenged by the requisite military expenditure. Their loss leaves only St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad as access to the Baltic. Ukraine stands in the way of access to her Black Sea ports at Mariupol and the Crimean Peninsula. Continue reading

Another Death

These tragedies must stop. Police have stressful jobs. They must make life and death decisions in milliseconds. To often, though, they pick the wrong course, and someone dies, needlessly. All cops deal with the stress. Most make the right choices. Anyone can screw up, though they are good at their job, well trained and experienced. The price for the officer’s error is higher, but we all pay the price. Fear of the police engenders hatred for law enforcement and the rule of law that should protect us all. Continue reading