The Unnoticed Ocean

It’s hard being a lone voice in the wilderness. The national debt is so huge, and so much a part of our life, that it goes unnoticed, while it sucks billions out of our economy daily. So I battle on… making its repayment help the payer. Nothing i propose will cost you, and much will benefit you and many others. Using natural gas to fuel your car for less than a buck brings sorely needed competition to the energy sector, and jobs for millions. Letting the immigrant earn more will help him, and us. Allowing those with high interest debt to save while paying our debt along with theirs, will help millions. Using some of those funds to shore up Social Security and Medicare will enable us to privatize them in time, while keeping our promise to those who have paid in. Decriminalizing the use of drugs, with vendor license will end the War on Drugs. Between both initiatives, we can stop the Wall, and reduce ICE DEA and the Border Patrol. These savings will help to balance the budget, hastening the day that we pay it off, and end income tax.  

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