The Unnoticed Ocean

It’s hard being a lone voice in the wilderness. The national debt is so huge, and so much a part of our life, that it goes unnoticed, while it sucks billions out of our economy daily. So I battle on… making its repayment help the payer. Nothing i propose will cost you, and much will benefit you and many others. Using natural gas to fuel your car for less than a buck brings sorely needed competition to the energy sector, and jobs for millions. Letting the immigrant earn more will help him, and us. Allowing those with high interest debt to save while paying our debt along with theirs, will help millions. Using some of those funds to shore up Social Security and Medicare will enable us to privatize them in time, while keeping our promise to those who have paid in. Decriminalizing the use of drugs, with vendor license will end the War on Drugs. Between both initiatives, we can stop the Wall, and reduce ICE DEA and the Border Patrol. These savings will help to balance the budget, hastening the day that we pay it off, and end income tax.  

Town Halls with Dan Wood, my Democratic opponent

Had a good chat with Dan Wood, my Democratic opponent, this evening, at one of his fundraisers. He agreed with me that it would be good to hold a series of town hall meetings together.We will meet first on the 11th at the Dallas – Fort Worth Urban League hosted forum, and in Palestine on the 16th.. Thanks, Dan Wood, and looking forward to a good conversation about the issues.

A Nation Divided, and Redemption

     Our nation is deeply divided. Underlying much of the division is fear, for many see their ability to control their future slipping away, the middle class, the American Dream fading as our wealth is transferred to the wealthy. We are told that our plight is due to our jobs being shipped beyond our shores. In reality, our money flows up, once, lining the pockets of the wealthy, as they ship our commodities offshore, charging us more for them, while paying less tax on them. This results in more common debt, which is a liability to us, but an asset to them. There is a simple solution. Allow us to use our abundant resources to provide us all with savings, and attack the debt that underlies much of our fear at the same time. Competition for our business will result in savings for all. It rests on 80 cent fuel for our cars and trucks. Demand for it will create millions of jobs here, funded by loans who’s repayment reduces our debt. Competition for it here will reduce its exported value. I speak of natural gas, available to millions, and convertible to fuel. It is costly to export, but cheap to compress, and its price can include a quarter to pay to the national debt. Let Americans have those savings. Let Americans choose their fuel, and how much they will pay for it. Let Americans once again control their destiny. Everybody wins. There are no losers. All will again enjoy prosperity. The things that divide us fade as the rising tide floats all boats.