Harness the hate for prosperity

I read an interesting article recently.. A Muslim woman reaches out to white supremacists, and finds them to be troubled kids raised hard, and grown into lost souls desperate to belong. They are brought together by the desire to belong, by troubled histories held in common, camaraderie, all skillfully focused into unity of hate for another group, by their leaders. Just like the youth gangs… Wish that hate could be channeled to a real cause of their angst… like the national debt. Thinking about their common struggle, low wages, lack of opportunity, broken homes, prosperity would do more to improve their condition then any degree of segregation, and that prosperity would grow out of reduction in debt. Think about the drag on the economy represented by 21 trillion in public debt. All the money locked up in bonds could be available for other investment. Paying it down for the savings would make more available for others to reduce their own debt, providing a wellspring of prosperity as they are able to buy things they want, creating more jobs. Use our natural gas as an economical fuel for our cars, more money flows into the economy, and more jobs servicing that demand. If there were some way to harness that hate, channel it to something that would benefit all, we could unite this country on the path to prosperity.

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