Harness the hate for prosperity

I read an interesting article recently.. A Muslim woman reaches out to white supremacists, and finds them to be troubled kids raised hard, and grown into lost souls desperate to belong. They are brought together by the desire to belong, by troubled histories held in common, camaraderie, all skillfully focused into unity of hate for another group, by their leaders. Just like the youth gangs… Wish that hate could be channeled to a real cause of their angst… like the national debt. Thinking about their common struggle, low wages, lack of opportunity, broken homes, prosperity would do more to improve their condition then any degree of segregation, and that prosperity would grow out of reduction in debt. Think about the drag on the economy represented by 21 trillion in public debt. All the money locked up in bonds could be available for other investment. Paying it down for the savings would make more available for others to reduce their own debt, providing a wellspring of prosperity as they are able to buy things they want, creating more jobs. Use our natural gas as an economical fuel for our cars, more money flows into the economy, and more jobs servicing that demand. If there were some way to harness that hate, channel it to something that would benefit all, we could unite this country on the path to prosperity.

WRITE IN Phil Gray for Congress

Pay the debt           Fix immigration           Create jobs           Hold down taxes           Save Social Security           Save money

My name is Phil Gray. I am a write-in candidate for the 5th Congressional District. My reason for running is to pay the national debt, so our grandkids don’t have to. In the process, we will create millions of jobs, many in your community, and save you money. You are the job creator, when you have extra money, after meeting your household expenses. You spend it in the community. That creates jobs. We will pay the debt by loaning to those with high interest debt, saving them money, while they pay us back instead of the bank. We, the taxpayer, get the profit, to reduce the debt. Every dollar repaid, reduces future bond sales, yet every dollar becomes available to loan. We will pay the debt while using our abundant natural gas as a transportation fuel, for 80 cents per gallon. A quarter pays the debt. A nickel goes to roads and bridges. We will allow the undocumented to pay the debt, 10% of wages, for the right to come out to live and work freely. All moneys become available to loan, after reducing the debt. Loan it to cities, counties and states, to fund shortfalls, without tax increase. Loan it to states, to help them pay prisoners to teach prisoners. Each success adds to their release fund, so they have something to work for, and to live on in the free world.

     Many say that we can pay the debt with reduced spending. We certainly need to cut spending, but the annual deficit will eclipse total discretionary spending next year. We borrow more than we can cut. There is one way to reduce spending that will help pay the debt. We must create new jobs. My proposal will add gas field jobs to those seeking oil. We will also need compressors and conversion kits for upwards of 65 million homes. Lots of jobs. We will loan homeowners the funds needed to convert their cars so they can choose 80 cent fuel, while still being able to run on gasoline. What happens to the price of gasoline, partly made with imported oil, when you can get fuel for 80 cents per gallon? It goes down, dragging down the price of diesel, shipping of all goods, food and airfare. More savings for you. Everybody wins. There are no losers. We get prosperity. We get jobs now. Our kids get no debt. We can even cover the shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare. Perhaps, down the road, the profits could reduce or eliminate income tax. Please look me up at philgrayfortexas.com, and, in November, write-in Phil Gray for Congress.