I am a write in candidate for Congress in Texas CD 5. Insanity, right? I want to pay off the debt that we all share, in my lifetime. Getting worse? We will pay it off by saving people money. Those with high interest debt do a balance transfer to a term loan paying 8% to our debt. Undocumented workers invest in America, come out and live and work freely, for 10% of their income, and their 1040 becomes their renewable Green Card. Let 65 million homeowners compress their own fuel for 80 cents a gallon. Price of gasoline, crude and diesel comes down while new jobs balance the budget. They also reduce poverty based entitlements, creating a surplus. Savings for everybody on interest, food, fuel, shipping, airfare results. That $.80 includes a quarter to the national debt, and a nickel for roads and bridges. Add that to the savings from Medicaid, Food Stamps, EIC, AFDC, and welfare, and put those new surpluses to the debt, and loan it out, too. The bonds needed are reduced, as is the debt, and a fund measured in the trillions builds up, paying the shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare as we go, while still more is loaned. Make moneys available to cities, counties and states to shore up their overloaded pension systems and outdated infrastructure, and to victims of natural disaster, all at 3% interest, while saving on FEMA and local taxes. In the end, the debt is paid, and that money still flows, reducing the need for income tax. Help me get to Washington, and all these will happen, because they make sense, because the American people are sick of the mess we are in, and because I will be one of few Libertarians in Congress, and will offer a balance at the center, for both parties will need our support, and both parties will be hearing from the folks back home, saying do this now. #nationaldebt #savings #jobs #naturalgas

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